Some Things I Love About Racing

A Day at the Races (1)

A few mates, a few beers and a few bets – Life doesn’t get any better.  Especially if you make time to wander around the tie up stalls and watch the horses parade before the races.  To my eye a race fit thoroughbred is a thing of rare beauty.

If you can win enough on the punt to pay for a few beers and a pie and chips the day has been a raging success.

A Day at the Races (2)

Take the Missus and kids, a picnic blanket and cut lunch.  Let the kids go nuts on the face painting, jumping castles, mini golf, handball target, soccer games and pony rides.  Check on the little ones between races but city or country it’s a pretty stress free family day out.

A Day at the Races (3)

Your potential star is an acceptor at a city track and your owner’s tickets pretty much give you the run of the joint including the mounting yard before your race, the owners’ bar and most of the members area.  The other syndicate members are a terrific bunch to be in a horse with and your trainer is a born storyteller.  If your charge runs well, you can watch the replay of the race 500 times on the TVs in the owners’ bar before the next race is run.  If it runs down the track, just turn your back on the TV and enjoy the party pies and sausage rolls.

The Cranbourne jump outs on a sunny morning

Especially if your horse shows a bit in its trial or you learn the name of one that looks like it can win a race somewhere.  Of course, when the weather turns nasty, there aren’t many places to hide down there but in the right conditions, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

When breeding is right!

Octagonal was by a champion stallion from a champion producer, the ‘Joy’ family Sunday Joy, Tuesday Joy, More Joyous etc. It’s even more pronounced in two year old ranks with More Than Ready and Redoutes Choice and his sons throwing a disproportionate number of Slipper winners.

I think it was His Highness the Aga Khan who said in racing you need to breed the best with the best and hope for the best.  That was Ok for him with his unlimited funds and expansive broodmare band, the rest of us need to rely on …

The Takeover Target Principal

Even the cheapest horse can win a race and occasionally they turn out to be champions, you’ve all seen the lists featuring horses like Better Loosen Up and others who won millions after being bought for a few thousand dollars.

There’s plenty more I love about racing but this is enough for today.

What keeps you coming back to the track?

10 thoughts on “Some Things I Love About Racing

  1. why do i come back to the races? because without going to the track you may as well play your computer… betting becomes mind numbing…and with very few hard luck stories, although ever since they announce bookie odds on the radio and everywhere else possible, the betting advantage of being on track has completely disappeared…and the motivation from a betting perspective to go there.From an entertainment perspective, paying 10 bucks for effectively 8 races by on average 1.5 minutes is a bit harsh….should look at voucher system so you have to pay an entrance which gives you use of cash spent on something – food, souvenirs or betting….

  2. The problem with the admission costs begins with the benchmarking of themselves against other professional sport. Racing clubs say, “You get a whole day’s entertainment so of course you should pay” but at the footy or the cricket you don’t risk losing the family food budget by taking part in what is on offer.

    A more realistic benchmark is against other betting outlets. Imagine the reaction if someone suggested you should have to pay to visit a TAB, or Crown Casino, they’d get laughed at.

  3. Love all your sentiments, and agree wholeheartedly with most.
    But it is extremely rare that a cheap yearling turns out to be a super-star.

  4. Come on, Elbarto. I’m pouring out my heart about what’s so good about the races and you and Ivan are complaining about the price of admission! I’ve taken up the line of argument in today’s post.

  5. I apologise Lindsay (if that’s your real name) but there are two things you need to realise. FIrstly this is an open forum and secondly I like to complain.

  6. when will people realise the only reason people go to the races 40 odd weekends of the year is primarily to have a punt. i dont think that a large portion of the crowd go there for “entertainment” and that is the problem. eating and drinking isnt necesarrily defined as entertainment and if you start having music or whatever in between races you will lose those who have historically gone to the races on non special racedays. the concept of carnival should be kept for what goes on in Brazil and there should be feature races attracting good horses all year round. sprinters in summer and stayers in winter or something like that. then the quality of horses will be more spread throughout the year and the entertainment in the form of good horses is a more realistic thing throughout the year and not for a few special weekends….

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