One of Those Days

Warning:  Punting hard luck story follows.

I was moving house last week, which is why I haven’t posted anything on here for a little while.  It has also meant I haven’t had a great deal of time or energy for form study.  I haven’t even had internet access for more than a week.

Last Saturday was Golden Slipper/BMW day and there was a pretty nice program of racing at Caulfield as well.  As I browsed the form over breakfast on Saturday morning, my partner threw in, “I like the sound of Red Typhoon.”  She has always considered red lucky and we latched on to a winning streak by old Red Buttons a few years ago for the same reason.  I said, “That’s nice.”  Or something equally lame, and dismissed it from my thoughts.

We spent a large part of the day shopping to catch up after the move and the Good Friday public holiday.

The was-up of the day was that I didn’t have a single collect from my bets and didn’t have a cracker on Red Typhoon who won at something like $68 on the tote.  Moon Dog Ivan and The Mysterious El Barto will be familiar with this scenario from, “I like Scarrrrrrrredee Cat” before the Ascot Vale Stakes of about 2003.

If you’re a punter there’s always an upside and for me there might be a couple.  The house I have just moved into has Foxtel so I’ve been reacquainting myself with Snowy Clarke and his cohorts and I’ll be able to see all of the races every week if I want to and time permits.  The second thing is that Red Typhoon is a three year old filly with in-form trainer Robert Smerdon who might prove to be one of those horses that you can follow until she reaches her level.  Fingers crossed.

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