Form Guides

There are plenty of them out there so how do you decide which one is best for you?

My personal favourite is The Sportsman but at $6.50 per week and more at carnival time it becomes a bit of a luxury item considering the relatively small amounts that I bet.

The Sportsman suits me because I’ll only do the form for a few races, usually six or less, but I like to do them in as much detail as I can.  I’m not particularly interested in tips, although there are plenty of them in the Sportsman if that’s what you’re after, but if you choose to, you can ignore them altogether or, like me, only give them a look when you’re completely bamboozled.

In some contexts this next statement would be a clear lie but … I also get it for the articles.

I have mates who swear by BestBets because it basically tells them what to back without them having to do a great deal of analysis.  I often hear the cry after a series of losing bets, “What does ,The Man, say?”  This is in reference to one of the tipsters in BestBets who is considered especially reliable, when you’re struggling follow ‘The Man’.

I have another mate who swears by Winning Post and I must admit I get the edition with the calendar each year.   Others will pay for no more than the Herald-Sun or The Age weekend lift-out.  I’ve even been known to pinch the form guide out of the Herald-Sun on a Friday from one of the cafes near my office.  Yesterday they ran the Doncaster and the ‘Currant Bun’ coverage of the Randwick meeting ran to two runs of form for each race and three runs for the Doncaster and didn’t even include the table with the track/distance/first up etc information summarised.

For my money, you can’t beat the nine runs of form for every runner, the information from training tracks and barrier trials and interviews with trainers and jockeys.  Added to that, the breeding lift-out means you’ve still got hours of reading after the races are over.

What’s your favourite guide?

5 thoughts on “Form Guides

  1. Best Bets for me, it’s got all the info I think pertinent yet it’s small enough to stuff in your pocket on the way there and piff it in the bin in disgust on the way out.

    My only improvements for the mag would be if they could indicate what day of the week any particular run occured, or with a weekday if it were a holiday. I’d also like them to include an asterix indicating if things like second up form are applicable.

    The Sportsman has TOO much info, all it does is confuse me. All I want to know is which horse is the best chance at backable odds. A $1.20 pop isn’t worth putting my $5.00 on.

  2. I’ll be getting the Sportsman tomorrow, I’ve got the day off work so I might even have time to read it!

  3. On this subject, the Herald-Sun form guides on Saturday and Sunday had only two runs of form for each race in Sydney and three for the Doncaster. You can’t be happy with that on one of the biggest race days anywhere. As usual, punters get treated like fools.

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