Nothin’ for Nothin’

Until around the time of last year’s Melbourne Spring Carnival, I had a pretty simple, effective and importantly for me, cheap method of studying the racing form.

Each week I would get myself a form guide, The Sportsman was a favourite because as well as being a cracking read with the sort of minutiae I love about breeding and everything else to do with racing, for each run of form it identified the race number.

Armed with my guide, I would log on to the Best Bets site, which for a free subscription enabled me to view a fairly extensive library of race replays.  The search menus were a touch clunky, which is why having the race number for each run, was handy.  Basically I could watch a video replay of almost any race that was relevant to that Saturday’s Melbourne and Sydney racing.

In this way I could largely ignore the assessments and tips of the various newspaper and radio commentators and make up my own mind.  If I’m going to do my dough, I’m much happier doing it based on my own assessment than somebody else’s.   The thing is that for the six months or so that I used the Best Bets web site to watch race replays I actually showed a reasonable profit on my small bets.

Around mid-November 2011, the ‘race replays’ button became a link to BigPond racing where for an annual fee of around $500 I could enjoy the privilege of what I used to be able to do for the price of a form guide and my internet connection.  I can see race replays but they’re only accessible for 48 hours after the race before you have to pay to see them.

Am I just being tight in expecting to be able to see race replays whenever I want?

Has anybody else managed to find a way to view race replays free?

Is there another service that gives access to race replays for a more reasonable price than the BigPond, TVN or Sky sites?

2 thoughts on “Nothin’ for Nothin’

  1. That’s the problem these days.
    The industry is not satisfied merely taking your hard-earned from your wagers on the nags, it wants to grab you by the scruff of the neck, turn you upside-down, and shake you senseless until every last morsel drops from your out-turned pockets. They would probably take a washer if you had one tucked away.

    Have you tried youtube ?

  2. Anything posted on youtube that has Australian horse racing is blocked out with some statement about copyright infringements on it.

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